Friday, January 31, 2014

Like Father, Like Daughter.

Oh, it's so true. I've always known that I get my sense of humor from my Dad but it wasn't until I came to Austria that I noticed some of the other traits I got from him as well. One in particular. 

Language issues. 

Let me tell you about it. 

For my graduation present from college my parents took me to Disney World. Talk about glory. Our last night there we decided to go out for a nice dinner. My mom and I immediately wanted to go to this beautiful French restaurant we saw in Epcot. My Dad was a little less thrilled about the idea, he's more of a hamburger and soda kind of a guy, so eating somewhere where you can't even pronounce the food you're ordering really isn't his thing. But he loves his girls and after some begging he finally agreed to go. So, I know I'm taking about a restaurant at a Disney park, but seriously this place was awesome! Everyone working there was from France (or at least they just had really good french accents) and the decor was beautiful. To top it all off our waiter's name was Francois. I mean, come on. So, we ordered our meal and had a really wonderful time and as we were getting ready to leave my Dad said (loudly and proudly) "Gracias" to our French waiter, Francois. Then he looked at me and said "wait.... I think that was wrong". If only I had taken a picture to capture the expression on Francois face. 

Here is my connection.

Last weekend I got to go to London with some of my friends from Austria for a little goodbye trip before my friend Sabrina moves to America. I cannot even begin to express how excited I was to be in an English speaking country. I literally was planning on talking to anyone and everyone I could, because I actually could. Can you guess what happened? 

I could not stop speaking GERMAN! 

I would bump into someone;


What? Wait, no! 

When leaving a store or getting a receipt back after buying something;

-Danke! (yeah, well at least I'm saying that correctly now)

When I would walk into a store;


Genetics. They'll get you every time.